3 Reasons Your In-Ground Pool Excavation Could Be Higher Than Your Neighbor's

So, your neighbor just put in an inground pool and you are thinking you are going to do the same. Talking to your neighbor gives you what you think is a good idea of how much the excavation part of the process is going to cost. However, just because they had work done in the same neighborhood where you live, the costs you have to pay for excavation in your own backyard could be incredibly different. [Read More]

Three Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner May Not Be Working Properly

When an air conditioner stops working properly in a home, many homeowners assume that the entire unit is broken and will need to be replaced or repaired, which could cost them hundred or even thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are many times when air conditioners stop working properly for minor reasons. The guide below walks you through three common reasons why your air conditioner may not be working properly. Overgrown Vegetation Around the Exterior Unit [Read More]

Heating And Cooling In Floridian Home Construction: Tips For Making Your Vacation Home Comfortable And Energy-Efficient

Building a vacation home in Florida means that you are already aware, to a certain extent, of how hot Floridian summers can get. However, are you prepared to make your vacation home both comfortable and energy-efficient? Here are some tips you can use during and after home construction which accomplishes your heating and cooling goals. HVAC Tips During Construction Heat Pumps vs. Traditional Central Air Conditioners Florida is far enough south that a heat pump system is a very good option for you. [Read More]

Ls And Us And Horseshoes --- 4 Kitchen Layouts And How To Choose

When designing your new home, getting the right kitchen for your style is important. The kitchen is not only a place most homeowners spend a lot of time in, it often turns into an entertainment space, a gathering area and a way to draw in potential buyers down the road. So, which kitchen layout is right for you? Here are the 4 most popular layouts and what they bring to the home. [Read More]