3 Possible Reasons Why Your Heater Isn't Keeping Your Home Warm Enough

You rely on your heater to keep you and your family warm during the winter months, but if your heater isn't working properly, then you could be wondering how to proceed. If your heating system turns on and provides heat but simply doesn't keep your home warm enough, you could be wondering which steps to take next. First of all, you will need to get down to the root of the problem. [Read More]

Three Problems And Their Solutions When Excavating A Home Foundation

When a new home is being built, there is often a need to have excavations done for the foundation. There may even be a need for excavations on major home renovations. There can also be many surprises when doing excavations, such as finding an archeological site, rocks and other issues that will need to be dealt with. Here are three of the problems you may find when doing a foundation excavation and the solutions to some of these problems: [Read More]

Simple Tips For Keeping Your Garage Door In Great Shape

A garage door can be extremely expensive if you need to replace the entire unit. There are simple things that you can do yourself to keep the garage door in the best possible shape as it ages over time. Here are some simple maintenance tips that will help to keep your door operating at maximum efficiency. Lubricate The Rollers If your rollers are very noisy then they might be worn and need lubrication. [Read More]

How To Save Money On Your Window Installation

If your windows are old, they probably let hot air, cold air and even water into your home. This can drive your heating and cooling bills up and can make your family very uncomfortable, and even minor water leaks can cause significant property damage over time. Although you might know that it's a good idea to replace your windows, however, you could be hesitant to do so due to cost considerations. [Read More]