How To Keep A Painted Wooden Sign Looking Sharp

A painted wooden sign can do a great job of advertising your business, but only for as long as you're able to keep it in good shape. To ensure that your sign does not start chipping or peeling prematurely, follow these instructions for care and maintenance. Display the sign under an overhang if possible. When properly painted and sealed, a wooden sign can withstand outdoor use. However, its lifespan will be greatly reduced if it is left to sit directly in the rain and sunshine. [Read More]

4 Signs You Might Have Moisture Problems In Your Basement

While a flooded basement is an obvious sign of an issue with basement waterproofing, signs of moisture problems in a basement space don't always manifest themselves so obviously. As such, it is important for homeowners to be aware of some of the less common signs of a basement moisture problem; this way, they can diagnose and repair these issues before they turn into something more serious and costly. High Humidity Levels [Read More]

Home Again, Home Again: Choosing Between Building New Or Adding On

Finding the perfect home for you and your family can be a daunting task. And when you have been living in the same home for several years, your family may expand beyond what your current home can comfortably support. While many people would decide to just go out house hunting, you are left wavering back and forth between two options. Choosing between adding on to your current home and designing a custom home for your family can seem like an impossible task. [Read More]

Scrapping Pushing Out Old Computers Faster And Easier

Whether you're building new additions for a new technical department or just upgrading a department of old computers, lugging those machines around is no small task. You'll need at least entry level information technology (IT) professionals to properly remove parts that need to be reused and connect the new machines. If you need to make your next upgrade smooth, consider a few ways to make scrapping and removal easier during new construction or basic upgrades. [Read More]