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Ready to Change the Face of the Dream Home You Built Decades Ago to a New Modern Beauty? Find an Architect Today

If you don't have a lot of issues with the interior of your home but the outside looks dated, you may be able to get the improvements you need without having to change the interior layout. Talk with a residential architectural design service to see how you can take the dream home that you love and change it to look modern. 

It doesn't matter if it has outdated colored siding, brick, or stone, the architects will examine the property and give you potential change options. Here are some of the things involved in the process.

Choosing an Architect

Find an architect that has done work with remodels and can take on your project. You want a professional that has pictures of facelifts and work they have done to other houses to improve the exterior of the home and someone who can take your outdated exterior and make it look like a new build.

Inspection of the Exterior and Interior

The architect will come to look at both the interior and the exterior of the home, even if you only want the exterior changed. This is so they can look at things like:

  • Placement of load-bearing walls
  • Lines of the foundation
  • Roofing design and materials
  • Spaces and rooms on the exterior wall
  • House utility layouts
  • Options for door changes

With all these details the architect will be able to design the house with the current structure in mind and will be able to determine if there are any obstacles to achieve the look that you are going for.

Modern Changes

Be sure to look at the newest houses being built in your area when choosing the best modern changes for your home. You want to find design options that are both modern and classic, and that are achievable with your current home. Stonework and brick on the house can be timeless and long-lasting, but bold pillars, gables, and accents are also popular at this time.

The residential architect should be able to help with everything from the design changes to helping to pick out the colors, the light fixtures, and the landscaping. Everything should complement each other to create the modern aesthetic that you desire. If your home has great features inside but the outside looks very dated, meet with an architect that can work to make your home look like it was just built.  

Talk to an architect today to start your dream home project.