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How Retractable Screens Could Benefit Your Outdoor Bar Or Restaurant Dining Area

If your restaurant has outdoor seating or an outdoor bar, there may be certain times when being outside is too uncomfortable, such as when the sun beats down on the tables or when mosquitoes are bad. One solution is to install retractable screens. The major benefit of retractable screens is that you can open them so they don't block the view. Here are some other reasons to install retractable screens.

The Screens Provide Shade

There are different types of screen material for retractable screens. If your restaurant is situated so the sun is bothersome at certain times of the day, screens that block the sun would be ideal. This keeps the area from getting too hot and helps your customers be more comfortable. 

Even though these screens block the sun, your customers can still see through them and enjoy a beautiful view of the landscape or water. Plus, the screens can be partially lowered to block the sun while keeping the lower part of the deck or patio open for unobstructed viewing.

The Screens Block Bugs

While you'll probably have pest control measures in place that keep flies and mosquitoes away from your restaurant, you can take things a step further by installing screens. Screens are especially helpful at night when the lights may attract all kinds of flying bugs to your outdoor bar or dining area.

Your customers don't want to see flies on their food or be bitten by mosquitoes, and screens are the best way to keep bugs out. However, when you buy the retractable variety, you won't have to install anything permanently that could affect the view during the daytime. When you don't need the protection of screens, you can raise retractable screens so they are completely out of sight.

Retractable Screens Are Easy To Operate

You don't want screens you have to fuss with constantly or move chairs and tables around to access. Retractable screens can be motorized so they are operated easily by remote control. This allows you to position the screens perfectly from across the room and adjust them according to your preferences at any time.

Motorized screens are hidden near the ceiling when they're not in use, and when you lower them, the screens roll down tracks attached to walls or posts. This gives the screens a pleasing appearance and also makes a snug seal that keeps out insects and keeps the screens from flapping in the breeze. Raising and lowering can be done manually, but when the screens are motorized, they are easy for a busy restaurant staff or bartender to control.