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Telltale Signs Your Well May Need To Be Serviced

While you enjoy your beautiful home in the country, there are a few things you'll need to maintain on a regular basis. This includes your well and septic tank. But in between routine maintenance, how do you know if there is a potential problem? If you happen to notice some of these issues popping up, it's best to address them right away rather than put them off. 

Water Issues

One of the most obvious signs of a problem with your well is a lack of water. If you wake up to no water at all, there could be several culprits.

The first thing most homeowners do is check their well pumps to make sure it is turning on and didn't lose prime. In addition, have a well company come out and evaluate the situation. They may have to lower the water pipe deeper into the well so the pump can work properly. If this doesn't work, consider having a new well dug to tap into a better water source.

It could also be a crack in one of the main water pipes. Signs of this include a small amount of water emerging but also a lot of sputtering and air in the lines.

Cloudy or muddy water despite proper water treatment could indicate a sinking water table or bad filter. 

Slow Water Pressure

Turn on your faucet or shower only to have the water trickle out? Slow water pressure can be indicative that your well and water system need servicing. A bad pressure switch or gauge may be the issue. Either the switch is bad or it is malfunctioning because of a minor leak. A well servicing pro will be able to access the switch and tell if the contacts just need to be cleaned, if there is a blockage somewhere in the lines, or if it can be repaired. 

High Electric Bill

Noticing a sudden rise in your electric bill can be alarming. You'll need to troubleshoot where it's coming from. If you notice that the well pump is turning on and off constantly or staying on continuously, it definitely needs to be checked. It could be because of bad rings or seals or just a worn-out pressure switch. Find a plumber or well water pro that specializes in pressure tanks to come out and troubleshoot the entire system. Once fixed, you should start to see your pump running normally (between 40 and 60 psi) and your utility bills back in check. 

Routine inspections from a qualified water well contractor or plumber can help spot underlying issues before they become a real problem. Being without water is difficult. Get these issues checked and keep things flowing. 

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