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What You Need To Know About Foundation Repair

Your home sits on a foundation that is designed to anchor the structure. Foundations help to stabilize residential properties, keeping them level. A damaged foundation can lead to serious problems inside and outside of the home. Cracks will begin to form in the concrete walls of the foundation when damage occurs. Severe foundation damage can also lead to cracks in the interior walls of a home. Understanding some of the fundamentals of foundation repair will help you better care for your home in the future.

Drainage Issues

Most foundation damage is caused by drainage issues in the area surrounding your home. As the soil around your home becomes saturated, it can start to expand. This expansion places a tremendous amount of pressure on the external surface of foundation walls.

Proper drainage will help ensure that your home is protected against moisture-related foundation problems. Some of the tools that can be used to achieve proper drainage include extended downspouts and exterior drains.

Settling of the Soil

Another common cause of foundation problems is the settling of the soil around a home. Individual soil particles can shift and compress over time. This movement causes the foundation of your home to experience significant stress. Cracks will eventually start to form when the settling of the soil becomes so severe that the foundation can no longer support the weight of the home sitting on it.

Soil can also accumulate against the exterior walls of a home that is constructed on a slope. Over time, this accumulated soil will create so much pressure that your foundation will begin to warp and crack.

Foundation Repair Solutions

Once foundation damage has been sustained, you need to take immediate action to have this damage repaired. A crack filler is one of the most basic solutions used by contractors to address minor foundation damage.

Crack filler can be applied directly to any visible cracks in the foundation walls. The filler product helps to strengthen the foundation by eliminating the weak points created by cracks. When combined with the elimination of the source of the damage, crack fillers can be useful tools in helping homeowners preserve the integrity of their foundation over time.

Foundation cracks should never be ignored. A crack filler is a great option for repairing minor cracks and ensuring that your home remains structurally sound. Reach out to a company like Specialty Construction Supply to determine if a crack filler can benefit your home.