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3 Great Materials Worth Considering When Replacing Your Property's Siding

The siding on your property is extremely important for visual and structural purposes. If your current siding has seen better days and needs to be replaced, consider the following material options. They're coveted by homeowners today for so many reasons. 


A powerhouse in the siding industry today is vinyl, for so many reasons. One of the most important is its durability. It's essentially weatherproof. No matter what elements it's exposed to over the years, it will not damage in the slightest. You can thus protect this investment for decades.

Vinyl siding also doesn't take a lot to maintain. You may have to wash it from time to time with a garden house. Vinyl siding also improves the value of your home. This is something to consider if you plan on putting your home on the real estate market in the near future.


From an aesthetic standpoint, there is no substitute for natural wood. Its warm visuals make visitors feel welcome, ever before stepping foot inside your property. There are so many hue varieties to choose from too, including cedar, pine, cherry wood, and oak. 

You have the option to paint wood whatever color you like, which opens up so many design possibilities that you can change any time you want. Just keep in mind that wood siding will require more effort on your part to maintain, compared to materials like metal and vinyl. This may be perfectly okay if you're going for a traditional or rustic look. 

Stone Veneer 

Many homes across the nation are starting to incorporate stone veneer as their siding material, and for good reason. This material provides a textured look that you can actually feel as your hands slide across it. If you're worried about premium costs, you can rest easy knowing that stone veneer is much more affordable than natural stone. 

It's also generally lighter, which makes it much easier to install for professional contractors. Compared to natural stone, stone veneer is much more durable. It won't chip or crack any time soon. You also don't have to worry about the weather elements affecting its condition in any real substantial way.

The look and structure of your home are heavily dependent on the siding you choose. There are many great material options available on the market today, as you can see from the list above. Which material you choose will depend on your budget, structural preferences, and aesthetic tastes. Contact a siding service for more help.