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Told That You Need Topsoil For Landscaping? 3 Types Available To You

If you have been told that you need topsoil for your landscaping, you need to first learn the different types available. This will help you choose the right type for your landscaping so that you can have healthy plants and flowers. Below is information about these three types so you can get the topsoil you need for your landscaping.


Blended topsoil is what you find in most garden centers and is the best type to use for landscaping purposes. This soil is made by blending organic material, such as other types of soil, sand, and more.

Adding these components helps the topsoil work better for growing plants. This is especially true if the soil you are using is made of clay, which makes the soil thick. Adding blended organic material will help the clay soil become much looser, which is much better for plants because the loose soil has small air pockets that allow water to drain to the roots much quicker.

Blended topsoil is made by a manufacturer, so you can be sure each bag or load that you purchase will be exactly the same. It is important that you purchase the topsoil from a well-known manufacturer to ensure there are no toxic chemicals in the soil.

Skip Waste

Skip waste topsoil is often used in cities and other urban areas. This topsoil is made from demolition and/or building materials. The mixture of this topsoil includes the fragments from building waste, clay, subsoil, and more. The waste materials used are generally ash, mortar, concrete, or brick.

Skip waste topsoil is high in alkaline, which means it is not suitable for landscaping unless you add other nutrients to it. You can send a sample of this soil to an extension office to have it tested. They can then tell you what other nutrients you need to add to make the topsoil work well for landscaping.  


Natural topsoil is made with a mixture of grasses, weeds, and left-over annuals at the end of the growing season. The manufacturer takes the soil from agricultural land in the area and then mixes it with the above ingredients. As in skip waste, you need to have this type of topsoil tested to ensure it has the right ingredients for your landscaping needs.

Talk with a landscape contractor or a manufacturer that makes the topsoil and they can give you more information about this.