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Professional Designer Tips for Your Upcoming Kitchen Remodeling Project

Remodeling your home's kitchen is a big financial investment, and designing it well will ensure you love the end result while keeping the project on budget. Even if you do not have any kitchen design experience, your project will be successful if you follow each of these professional tips:

Tip: Set a budget that plans for some unforeseen expenses.

All remodeling projects have one thing in common--unforeseen expenses. And, kitchen remodels tend to be one of the worst offenders. To save yourself some future stress, work out a remodeling budget that has some padding for all the unforeseen things that come up along the way. This way, when you need to purchase extra supplies or hire a specialty contractor, the money will be readily available. 

Tip: Plan to keep the existing layout of your kitchen if at all possible.

If your kitchen remodeling goal is simply to update the space to have a more current look, then make every effort to keep its existing layout in place. If you plan to move plumbing and electrical locations, then you will have to hire a professional plumber and electrician. By keeping the layout as it is, you can avoid these unnecessary costs and get more bang for your remodeling dollars.

Tip: Keep and update your existing cabinets.

Cabinets are one of the hardest and most expensive things to replace in a kitchen. Older homes often have custom-built cabinets that are not easy to replace with today's stock sizes. If you are unable to find suitable replacements, then you will be stuck with having to have them custom made, and this is very expensive. Instead of replacing the cabinetry, you have the option of painting the cabinets, stripping, and refinishing them, or even replacing the doors if they are too damaged for painting or refinishing.

Tip: Avoid overly trendy kitchen designs.

Even though you are updating your kitchen to make it look more modern, you should avoid the tendency to remodel the kitchen according to current design trends. Though a trendy kitchen will look amazing and stylish for a short time, you want to avoid your kitchen becoming very quickly outdated again.

Finally, you can make your kitchen look on-trend by using current paint colors or hardware, and when the trends change, then you can easily update your kitchen again with a much less expensive remodeling project. By keeping your cabinets and appliances looking timeless, they can be used for many years without making the space look dated, and this will save you a lot of money.

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