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Easy Fix Up Ideas For Your Lakehouse Dock

A dock is something that can make a lake house all the more enjoyable. It allows you to easily get into and out of boats and kayaks, and it's also a nice thing to have just to use and relax on. You can have a set of chairs at the front of the dock and sit out there and watch the water. It's super relaxing and a great way to spend a summer evening. However, if your dock is old and in bad shape, then it will be of little use to you. In fact, it won't be useful to either launch the kayaks or canoes or rowboats that you might have, or even a safe place to sit on a summer afternoon. And the longer you leave the dock to rot away, the worse it will become, and eventually need to be completely replaced. Here are a few ideas on how you can prevent that severe damage by incorporating some mild yet important doc repairs.  

Apply Fresh Stain To The Decking

If the decking is made from real wood and not synthetic material, then it should be stained. This is important because stain can help prevent the breakdown of the top layer of the deck from succumbing to the weather. It's not just water that you have to be wary of, it's the sun, snow, and wind. A good exterior stain will help protect the decking from breaking down due to the suns harsh UV rays. Likewise, the stain can help during the winter when the cold weather and snow sits upon the wood. So, make sure that you have your deck planks restained and treated well.

Patch And Repair Any Bad Decking

If there are any bad spots on the dock decking, they need to be replaced. If it's something such as a nail that has come undone because of the rotted wood around the board, then you will have to replace the entire board. It's it is something minor such as a large splinter, then you can sand down the board and deal with it that way. You might even want to go ahead and get some all weather wood putty to fill in the small chips.

Fix Support Structures

A very important aspect of the dock is the support structure. These support structures are vital because should they fail, the entire dock might collapse into the lake. The supports need to be inspected by a professional who is skilled in dock repair. The support poles themselves might be in great shape (aluminum poles, for instance, are notoriously strong and resilient to weather) but the spot at which they connect to the dock might need to be reinforced.

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