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Maximize Storage In Your Home With A Few Remodeling Projects

Over the years, you may find a lot of art, clothing, electronics, and antiques coming into your home. This works well until you start running out of storage space. An effective solution is to host a garage sale when you need to free up space for certain items that you want to store. But, you may not want to part ways with belongings that you use regularly or have grown attached to.

Buying another home or building a storage shed are two huge decisions that can make a difference, but you can also make a huge impact by working on a few projects in your home.

Around Doorways

When you look at your doorways, you may think only about how they connect two rooms. But, you can do so much more with the doorways by adding storage to the area around them. You can add built-in shelving spanning from the bottom all the way around the top of the doorways.

Depending on the available space, you can go for deep or shallow shelves. You can use the shelves above the doorways for decorations or for items that you do not intend on using regularly. The side shelves work well for frequently used belongings because they are likely within arm's reach.

Under the Stairs

To space underneath the staircase may not be designed or set up to be used. But, it does not have to stay this way because you can have remodeling professionals add storage underneath. You can break it up into individual compartments, or you can turn it into a large closet.

One option is to build shelving into the staircase, but this somewhat limits the storage capacity. Another solution is adding pullout drawers that extend as far back as possible. If the stairs are close to the kitchen, you can avoid storage issues in this room by using the staircase drawers.  

In-Wall Storage

Mounting a collection of shelves to the living room wall where your television is located can enhance the looks and provide a lot of storage space for movies, games, and decorations. But, this has limitations because the shelves can only extend so far and handle so much weight.

Bringing down the drywall and building in-wall storage is a great solution. You can come up with almost any shape or design instead of being limited to the furniture or shelves you can find. For instance, you can use this idea to install in-wall shoe storage at the front entry. You can measure all your shoes to find the max height and then create individual compartments in the wall.

Increasing storage in your home is easy when you are creative and have professional help. Contact a company like Red Rock Construction for more information and assistance.