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4 Signs That Your Home's Foundation Is In Need Of Professional Repair

It's important to know the condition of your home's foundation at any given time to avoid the need for expensive repairs as it ages. If your foundation fails, it can cause structural damage to your house and increase your repair expenses overall. Here are four signs to look for that may mean the need for professional foundation repairs:

The Walls Seem to Be Cracking Up

One sign that's often overlooked when a home's foundation starts to fail is the development of cracks in the drywall, wall seams, and areas above windowsills and door jambs. Whether you notice one or fifty cracks in your interior or exterior walls, it's a good idea to have your foundation inspected for problems that might be present.

The Doors and Windows Don't Function Properly

Malfunctioning doors and windows is another symptom of a poorly performing house foundation. You may notice that your doors won't latch when you close them, or that they don't sit correctly in their frames during use. The windows may also be misaligned and can't open or close all the way without putting a lot of pressure on them. If any of these symptoms are family to you, calling a foundation professional is a good idea.

Water Isn't Draining Like it Used to Outside

If your foundation is cracked or weak, it can lead to poor water drainage when it rains outside. The rain that falls on your foundation can seep into the cracks and get into the soil underneath. This in turn can make the ground under your foundation soft so it can't properly support the foundation itself. The foundation may start sinking, sloping, or even breaking apart as time passes. If you notice wetter or dryer soil conditions around the immediate perimeter of your foundation than is typical, there's a chance that your foundation needs repair.

The Foundation Itself Looks Old and Worn

You might be able to determine whether your foundation is in need of professional repair by simply looking at it. Large cracks and chips and unnatural indentations that weren't there upon construction are big signs that your foundation is falling apart. You should also look for mold and mildew buildup, crumbling concrete, and obvious fissures when visually inspecting your foundation. If any of these things are found, call your service technician to get a professional diagnoses.

Keeping an eye out for these signs throughout the year will help you catch and address any foundation problems before they become too serious to repair. Contact a company like Express Builders and Design Inc for more information.