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How To Easily Adjust Euro Hinges On Your Kitchen Doors That Are Misaligned

Overtime, like all things, the doors in your kitchen cabinet can get worn down. Oftentimes, the hinges on your kitchen cabinet can become misaligned. When this happens, you can easily fix your misaligned cabinets even if you are a beginner to do-it-yourself projects.


For this project, you only need a few simple tools. You will need a screw driver as well as a leveler. If any of the screws are stripped within the euro hinge, you may need some replacement screws as well.

Euro Hinge Design

On the side of the cabinet door, there should be a vertical piece of hardware that has two screws in it; these two screws are the door screws. Going out from the middle of the vertical piece of hardware is a horizontal piece of hardware. On the top of this piece of hardware is a mounting screw that should be a larger screw. Within the vertical piece of hardware, the screw closest to the horizontal piece of hardware is the side screw, and the one furthest from the horizontal piece of hardware is the depth screw.

Types Of Misalignment

There are different ways that your kitchen door can be misaligned. The first way it can be misaligned is via the depth. This occurs when the one of your kitchen cabinet doors does not line up with the other cabinet door. The second way your kitchen cabinet doors can be misaligned is by resting either too high or too low; essentially, the height of your cabinet door is off.

#1 Depth

If your kitchen cabinet is not aligned and flush with the door that it is next to, you are going to need to adjust the screw that controls the depth of the door. This screw is the furthest screw from the hinge on the vertical portion of the hardware.

On most door, you are doing to need to first loosen the depth screw, then you are going to need to physically move the door either forward or backwards, whichever way is needed to fix the misalignment in depth, then tighten the screw again.

On some doors, as you move the screw your door will move at the same time. If this is the case with your door, move the screw until the door is in the right position, and then let the screw be.

#2 Height

If one of your cabinet doors rests higher or lower than the rest, you have a height issue. In order to fix this issue you are going to need to manipulate the mounting screws. The mounting screw is the large screw that rests on the top of the vertical piece of hardware on your hinge.

You are going to want to loosen the mounting screw on both the upper and lower hinge. Once you loosen these screws, you can then move the cabinet up and down until the height lines up correctly. When you think the height is right, tighten the mounting screws. Then, use a leveler to make sure that the cabinets are now actually level. If they are not, you will need to loosen the mounting screws again and adjust the height of the door until it is actually level with the other cabinet doors.

If during this process, you find any screw that is stripped or rusted, you should replace it with a new screw.  For assistance, talk to a professional like Creekside Homes.