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Addressing A Few Common Myths About Air Conditioning System Care

Getting the most from your air conditioning system is critical for ensuring that your home is as comfortable as possible. Sadly, there are many homeowners that may not be very informed when it concerns their air conditioning systems, which can lead to mistakes when it comes to caring for these complex systems. If you are not very informed about the needs of air conditioning systems, you may want to have the following myths dispelled so that you can make better choices when it concerns your unit.

Myth: You Should Cover Your Exterior Unit During The Cold Months

There are some homeowners that are under the impression that they should cover their exterior air conditioning unit during the cold winter months. Often, this is done in a belief that it is important to keep snow and ice out of the unit. However, covering the unit can create serious problems if your unit also acts as a heater during the winter months. If you cover the unit, it may not be able to get enough air, which can lead to it suffering severe damage. For this reason, you should avoid covering the unit, and if you notice snow or ice accumulations forming, you will simply need to brush it off.

Myth: Humidity Does Not Pose Problems For Air Conditioning Units

Some homeowners may not realize that high humidity can also pose a serious threat to their air conditioning systems. When the humidity is extremely high, it can lead to condensation forming in the air conditioning ducts. This moisture rich environment will be ideal for the growth of molds, mildews, and other substances. To prevent these issues from occurring in your home, you should consider installing a dehumidifier. These devices will extract moisture from the air being pumped through your ventilation system, which will greatly diminish the prevalence of this issue.

Myth: Cleaning The Exterior Air Conditioning Unit Is Not Necessary

Another routine error that some homeowners may make is to avoid cleaning their exterior units. Often, this is done simply because they fail to realize that this component needs to be kept reasonably clean. If you allow the vents on the sides of the unit to become excessively dirty, the unit may struggle to get enough air to function correctly. To clean the exterior unit, you should turn it off and use a broom to gently brush away any dirt, dust, or other debris that is gathering on the sides of the unit. Spraying the exterior with a garden hose can further help to remove any dust or dirt that may remain. Ideally, this should be done every few months to help ensure the unit is getting enough air.

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