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Experiencing Poor Satellite Internet Service? 3 Ways Your Trees Can Be To Blame

It can be so frustrating to be relying on satellite internet, only to discover that most days the signal is so poor that your internet speeds are painstakingly slow. Instead of simply working with your internet speed as it is, it's a much better idea to look into the cause. While satellite internet will definitely be slower than cable and fire optic, you may have some factors at home that could be slowing down your internet speeds.

If your property has several full-grown trees near the perimeter of your home, they could in fact be the culprit for slower speeds than normal.

Branches Are Dense and Overgrown

A common reason why your trees could be causing connection problems with your internet is simply due to the branches being overgrown. If each branch has become unruly with leaves, smaller branches, and debris such as pinecones or pine needles, it could be causing problems for your satellite internet. Getting the branches trimmed down can not only help improve the speed of your internet, but it can also help with allowing in more sunlight to your home.

Poor Positioning of the Satellite with the Trees

The location of where the satellite is installed can make a big difference in your connection to the internet. If you have trees that are positioned between the satellite and the sky, it could be causing major issues with your internet speeds. If this is the case for your property, your two options include moving the satellite and getting it installed elsewhere or cutting down the trees that are in the way.

Taller Trees Interfering with Signal

While the positioning of the trees and satellite can affect your internet, the height of your trees can also pose a problem. If you're set on keeping the trees on your property in the same location and don't want to move your satellite either, you need to get the trees trimmed down. By shortening the height of the trees, they will pose a lesser risk of affecting your connection since they won't block the satellite line of sight in the slightest.

If you're looking for a way to improve your internet speeds with a satellite connection and haven't had the trees on your property trimmed in a long while, it could be exactly what you need to improve the speeds. By hiring a tree service professional, like one from Mead Tree & Turf Care Inc, you can get your trees trimmed or even removed without making any mistakes.