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3 Reasons Your In-Ground Pool Excavation Could Be Higher Than Your Neighbor's

So, your neighbor just put in an inground pool and you are thinking you are going to do the same. Talking to your neighbor gives you what you think is a good idea of how much the excavation part of the process is going to cost. However, just because they had work done in the same neighborhood where you live, the costs you have to pay for excavation in your own backyard could be incredibly different. When determining the costs of digging a massive hole in the ground with an excavator, there are a lot of factors that can come into play. And, there are some determining factors that could mean you will be paying more for excavation than what your neighbor did. 

Your planned pool area is harder to access. 

If your neighbor lives on a piece of flat property with few trees and a clear path to the excavation site, they will pay less for excavation than you if you live on a hill or in an area surrounded by trees, for example. Excavators usually charge by the hour, which means if traveling through a tricky area to get to the pool site is difficult, you will probably be paying more. 

The density of the ground is far greater. 

If the ground in your planned pool area is especially dense or rocky, this will make the excavator's job even harder than usual. Not only will it be difficult to dig, taking longer with each scoop, it can also be more difficult for the professional to create a specific shape to house a pool because the ground is harder to contour and work with. The density level of ground in a particular neighborhood is usually fairly consistent, but in some cases there can be great differences from one property location to the next. 

You don't have as much room to work with in the area. 

You have the ideal spot picked out for your pool and it rests in a cozy little spot tucked between your patio and the line of trees that surrounds your property. Having excavation work completed in an area where there is not a lot of room to work can mean higher final costs. It can be tedious for an excavator to create a hole big enough for a pool in an area where there is not a lot of room to move and maneuver. 

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