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Three Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner May Not Be Working Properly

When an air conditioner stops working properly in a home, many homeowners assume that the entire unit is broken and will need to be replaced or repaired, which could cost them hundred or even thousands of dollars. Fortunately, there are many times when air conditioners stop working properly for minor reasons. The guide below walks you through three common reasons why your air conditioner may not be working properly.

Overgrown Vegetation Around the Exterior Unit

When an air conditioner unit is installed, there is a large exterior portion of the unit that is situated somewhere near the home. The unit is typically rather large and has a square shape to it. This portion of the unit sucks in the air from outside, cools it, and then the cool air blows into the home. If grass or weeds grow too high around the unit, it can limit the airflow that the unit gets, and thus make it not run as well as it should. Be sure to use a weed eater to trim the vegetation around the exterior of your unit on a regular basis.

Air Conditioner Is Low on Freon

In order to cool the air, an air conditioner unit needs to have plenty of Freon in it. When a unit starts to run low on Freon, it will be more difficult for it to keep the house at a constant temperature, which means it may run more often. If you notice that your unit runs nonstop, have a technician come to your home to see if the air conditioner is low on Freon. Filling it will Freon is not very expensive and will ensure that your air conditioner can work as well as possible, once again.

Thermostat Is Outdated

An improperly working thermostat can make your air conditioner work improperly, as well. If the thermostat cannot accurately detect the temperature in your home, the air conditioner will not be able properly operate to maintain the specific temperature you want in the home. A technician can come to your home and replace the thermostat for you quickly and easily. Consider purchasing a digital thermostat to use in your home to ensure that it is as easy to operate as possible.

All of these fixes cost very little to have done. Your local air conditioning company can send a technician to your home to determine why your air conditioner is not working properly so you can know what needs to be done to fix it for you for a very nominal fee. For more information, visit sites like http://aaaeinc.com/.