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Ls And Us And Horseshoes --- 4 Kitchen Layouts And How To Choose

When designing your new home, getting the right kitchen for your style is important. The kitchen is not only a place most homeowners spend a lot of time in, it often turns into an entertainment space, a gathering area and a way to draw in potential buyers down the road. So, which kitchen layout is right for you? Here are the 4 most popular layouts and what they bring to the home.

One-Wall. The one-wall design (also called a "Pullman" style) is best for homes without a large kitchen area. The cabinets and appliances are generally placed along one wall and an island, table or long bar is placed parallel to this wall to create a soft border. This is a very open concept kitchen that doesn't take up much space and leaves the room open for visiting with guests or family while cooking. 

Galley. Galley kitchens are composed of two parallel walls with a walkway in between them. They usually have an entrance at either end of the kitchen, forming a walk-through. These types of kitchens don't waste any space; they are filled with cabinets, the appliances are efficiently placed and no corner spaces must be dealt with. You can design a galley kitchen to be wide enough to work comfortably in and it's a great way to create "work zones" or working triangles to decrease wasted steps. 

L-Shape. An L-shape kitchen is a simple way to create a very functional medium-sized kitchen and make use of all available wall space. This type of layout will eliminate a lot of traffic since there's no pass-through. You can create an open space by simply eliminating the unneeded walls or you can close off the kitchen by adding a third or fourth wall. It's a perfect design for a large island. But be careful about using an L-shape layout if you want a very large kitchen, since it can become inefficient as it expands. 

Horseshoe. For larger kitchens, a variety of horseshoe-shaped spaces may work best. An expansion of the L-shape, this layout simply adds a third wall on which to place countertops, cabinets and appliances. Because of its closed-off and efficient layout, a horseshoe (or "U-shaped") kitchen is great for those who like to cook -- and those who don't cook alone. For a more open horseshoe shape, trade out the third wall for a long island or bar.

Working with your custom home builder, you can design the perfect kitchen layout to match your home and your cooking style -- whether you're a committed cook or just a casual grazer.