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Bounce-House Rental Safety 101: A Guide For New Customers

There are a lot of things you can do to liven up a kid's outdoor birthday party, but there are few inclusions that will bring as much entertainment as bounce houses and inflatables. From castle-shaped inflatables where kids can jump to their heart's content to huge inflatable slides and obstacle courses, these entertainment rentals are bound to make your child's birthday party one of the most memorable. However, there are a few safety rules that you should know as a first-time customer if you plan to include inflatables or bounce houses at your little one's bash. 

Group children playing inside a bouncy house by age and size. 

The last thing you want is tiny tots inside the bouncy house along with bigger kids. Younger children or those who are smaller in stature could get knocked down easily, and if they are in the bouncy house alongside bigger children, they could easily get injured. Try to separate groups of bounce house participants according to age and size to prevent injuries. 

Do not allow children to jump head first into the inflatable. 

Some kids will be so excited to get inside of an inflatable that they will just make a head-first dive right inside. Even though this sounds and looks like a lot of fun, it can be dangerous. If the other children already inside don't pay attention to someone coming in, the person making an entrance could easily get injured. 

An adult must monitor the inflatable at all times.

Regardless of the type of inflatable you have at the party, these should never be treated as just an ordinary place for kids to play such as a playground. Without proper supervision, the inflatable could get overcrowded, dangerous activity could take place, and most importantly, someone could get hurt without anyone close by to rush in and help. 

Don't allow anyone to climb on the outside of the inflatable. 

Even though kids may be tempted to climb up on the sides of an inflatable and peer inside at their friends, this can be dangerous. Not only is the exterior of the bouncy house not stable for standing or climbing, the instability will be worsened when the bouncy house or other inflatable is in use. For this reason, it is a good idea to have someone supervising the entrance and an extra set of eyes keeping watch around the perimeter of the equipment. 

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