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Three Ways In Which Trees Can Interfere With New Construction And How To Fix The Problem

Adding on to your house, constructing a new garage or even putting in a new fence can be very exciting. You are changing and enhancing your home and property for maximum value, attractiveness and comfort. However, if you have several large trees in your yard, they could be in the way of completing the projects you want to finish. Here are three ways in which trees can interfere with new construction and how you can help fix the problem before your contractor begins work.

Low-Hanging Branches

Low-hanging branches often get in the way of the construction of additions to your home, replacing your roof, and even building a new garage. These branches need to be removed, cut off entirely, close to the trunk, so the contractor and his or her crew can build upwards without stopping to manage this problem or scramble under the branches to get the new roof installed. If the low-hanging branches are especially large, and/or they already overhang part of an existing structure on your property, you may want to get a tree service to take care of the branches so that you do not hurt yourself or accidentally cause damage to the structure.

Massive Tree Trunks

Sometimes the tree trunks themselves are partially or completely in the way of what you are trying to accomplish. Since you cannot hack away at the trunk of the tree without killing it, you either have to rethink the project or you have to remove the entire tree. If you can install the fence around the tree or move the new building a few feet in one direction, this is one option (although it is only a solution for the next couple of decades until the tree has grown even larger).

If you have made a firm decision to remove the tree, it will first have to be "topped" (i.e., the entire crown of branches needs to be removed and the tree has to be cut down to a manageable height). Then the tree can either be cut down all the way to the ground and the stump ground down, or the remaining chunk of tree may be removed with a tree puller/transplanter truck. The hole left behind should be filled in and leveled before your construction contractor begins building and installing your new property features.


Roots are, quite possibly, the most troublesome of all of these issues with trees when you are trying to remodel or add to your property. This is due to the fact that a tree could be several feet away from what you are trying to do, but the roots could be directly under your dig/construction site. Consult with a tree service before you cut a tree root and dig it out. Some roots hold the tree up, and cutting these roots could result in the tree toppling over in high winds and crushing everything in its fall path. If the tree expert says it is okay to cut it and remove it from your construction area or fence installation, then you can proceed with root removal.

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