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Three Tree-Related Jobs Best Left To A Professional

If you have a number of trees throughout your property, keeping them trimmed is a regular maintenance job to which you're likely acquainted. The average homeowner, provided he or she has the right selection of trimming and cutting tools, can perform a variety of jobs to keep the trees in proper shape, but there are other jobs that the intervention of a professional is best. Trimming and cutting can often be dangerous, especially to the untrained person. If you are facing any of the following three jobs, it's worthwhile to find a tree service in your area and book a visit.

Branches Interfering With Power Lines

It's best to keep an eye on the branches of the tallest trees throughout your yard. Over time, they can grow toward any power lines in the area, which can be problematic. You don't want the branches to come in contact with the lines, but you also don't want to jeopardize your safety by attempting to trim them on your own. This is an ideal time to hire a tree service to take care of the job. These professionals are highly trained in working around such dangerous situations and will be able to safely trim your tree without causing damage to the power lines and landing you in hot water with the authorities.

Branches Pressing Against Your Roof

Branches that make contact with your roof can be noisy during a windstorm, but the more serious issue is that they can knock off your gutters or even lift some of your roofing shingles. Either way, you'll be in line for a major repair bill. You shouldn't attempt to trim back these branches because of the sheer height involved. Instead, the professionals from a tree service will use a specialized ladder or even a ladder truck to get them into the ideal position to be able to safely remove the branches to avoid the risk of damage to your home.

Dead Trees

Dead trees can pose a hazard during high winds, as they're at risk of having a branch break off that can damage your home or seriously injure a family member. Dead branches are a hazard to work with because of their unpredictability. Professionals from a tree service will be able to determine the extent of the health of the tree -- some branches might be dead, but the trunk could be healthy -- and take the right approach to either cutting the entire tree down safely or simply removing the problematic branches.

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