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Too Many Different Computer Standards? Steel Fabricators Can Help!

For computer servers and network systems, new devices are entering the market every day. New techniques and faster devices allow networks to flourish and businesses to thrive, but many new minds to the scene have developed their own way of designing systems that may not fit the old standards for storage. If you're having trouble getting some devices in storage racks and equipment cabinets, take a loot at a few ways that a steel fabrication team could make things work.

Why Do Storage Standards Matter?

For storing servers and network devices, there are a few different standards that work well with each other. Equipment racks, such as the 19-inch server rack, are designed to fit different devices using the same system.

Server racks rely on four corners of security. There may be multiple screws and bolts, but the device still needs to be stable at four different areas to avoid tearing. There are usually screw connections near each corner and possible a few additional screws in the middle, although fast adding and removing often means using as few connectors as possible.

With new devices, you may not be able to get the device into a secure position. One side may be dangling while the other supports the entire device, which can bend and crack the devices. The screws may break under continued weight, even if the device doesn't look very heavy. If you use a shelf with no solid connections for security, a person passing by may trip over or pull the cables for the device, sending the entire system to the floor.

It isn't just an issue of new, confusing devices. Some network designers may find that devices designed for residential networks are better for a specific purpose. Home-use devices may be built with the cheapest material needed to operate, including plastics that won't hold up to a fall from a server rack. You'll either need to buy a custom rack that fits every single device or get a custom solution.

Fabrication For Custom Design

To get a custom server rack or equipment cabinet that fits your devices, discuss your needs with a steel fabrication team and be ready to give the dimensions of your devices.

The fabrication team can create cages that fit each of your devices with the screens, buttons, ports and other interfaces in consideration, or could build generic cages that can fit your devices with one or two basic designs.

With a cage design, you can slip the devices into a custom casing and close them without having to worry about securing screws. Devices won't be easily yanked through a cage, and the custom-fitted cages can allow modification without opening and taking out the devices.

An entire storage solution can be built, or cages on shelves with rails can be made to fit your existing racks if the rack is bigger than the new designs. Contact a steel fabrication professional (such as one from Countryside Welding) to discuss other ways to keep your devices safe.