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4 Options For Removing Paint From Your Patio's Cement Block Pavers

If the trend toward natural-looking landscaping materials has you thinking about removing the old paint from your patio's cement block pavers, then you'll be pleased to know that it is possible for you to do so. In fact, this is a project that is easier than you might first believe.

To remove the paint from your cement pavers, you have four different options to choose from:

  1. sandblasting

  2. power washing

  3. paint stripping

  4. manually brushing

Below is some information on each option to help you decide which to try on your patio's cement block pavers:


A rented sandblasting attachment for your air compressor will allow you to remove the paint on your patio without using any water, chemicals, or physical effort. This is the easiest way to remove the paint, but it also has the potential to damage your patio's pavers if it is not done correctly and carefully. Sandblasting requires a very light touch and an even cleaning in order to not damage the pavers and cause them to become pitted from excessive contact with the sandblasting grit.

Power Washing

Power washing is very effective if you are trying to remove an oil-based paint from cement pavers. The paint will not have seeped into the structure of the cement, so it is much easier to remove. Power washing the patio on a low setting will peel off the paint without damaging the pavers. You should not attempt to power wash bricks or pavers on a higher setting, as this will lead to erosion of their surfaces and early structural failure.

Paint Stripping

You can purchase paint stripping compounds that are designed to remove paint from cement. This type of stripper comes in a chemical option and one that is made of natural citrus oils. Both options work well and require that you apply them to the patio's pavers and then apply a backing strip that is pulled off to remove the paint.

Manually Brushing

If the paint has started to peel off of your patio's cement block pavers, then you can try removing it by using a stainless steel brush and some hot soapy water. Mix some dish soap in a bucket of hot water and scrub the pavers with the metal brush to remove the paint flakes and the paint still adhered to the pavers.

Test Your Paint Removal Option

Finally, since the composition and quality of cement pavers varies greatly, you should test the paint removal option of your choice on an out-of-the-way paver to check for potential damage from the paint removal option.

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