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4 Signs You Might Have Moisture Problems In Your Basement

While a flooded basement is an obvious sign of an issue with basement waterproofing, signs of moisture problems in a basement space don't always manifest themselves so obviously. As such, it is important for homeowners to be aware of some of the less common signs of a basement moisture problem; this way, they can diagnose and repair these issues before they turn into something more serious and costly.

High Humidity Levels

One telltale sign of a basement moisture problem that often goes unnoticed is that of high humidity levels. Does it feel moist or musty in your basement? If so, then now would be a good time to grab a portable humidity reader (you can find these at any home improvement store) and place it in your basement to get a reading. Ideally, your indoor humidity should range between 40% and 50%. If your basement humidity reads any higher, then you have a moisture problem and should contact an expert to find out where the moisture is originating from.

Water Marks on Walls

Look closely at your basement walls. Are there any stains or signs of water dripping down the walls? Often times, these stains are rust-colored and aren't easy to spot without looking closely. Water marks on walls are often indicative of water having entered the basement through the top of your home's foundation. Specifically, this can be caused by anything from a grading problem to a foundation issue. Either way, it's something you'll want to have addressed by a basement waterproofing company.


Another common sign of a potential moisture problem in a basement is that of efflorescence being present on the walls and other surfaces. Efflorescence is a chalky, white substance that comes from water and forms as a mineral deposit in high moisture areas. Often times, the presence of this substance is an early warning sign of a moisture problem, but the good news is that it's easily remedied through simple basement waterproofing procedures.

Cracks in Flooring

Finally, if you notice any cracking in your basement flooring (especially in poured concrete), this could also be a sign of a moisture problem. Small cracks are often caused by water seepage from the ground below, whereas larger cracks could actually indicate a problem with your foundation. The best way to figure out what's going on with the cracks in your basement flooring is to work with a waterproofing professional such as B & B Basement Waterproofing.