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Three Problems And Their Solutions When Excavating A Home Foundation

When a new home is being built, there is often a need to have excavations done for the foundation. There may even be a need for excavations on major home renovations. There can also be many surprises when doing excavations, such as finding an archeological site, rocks and other issues that will need to be dealt with. Here are three of the problems you may find when doing a foundation excavation and the solutions to some of these problems:

1. Porous Soil That Will Not Support Structural Loads

Porous soil can be a major problem when excavating. If the soil is too sponge-like, this can also be a problem for any structural supports in the foundation. To solve these problems, you will need to work with an excavation contractor and other contractors doing the concrete work. The excavation service can help with the installation of shoring, and columns and post-tensioned concrete can be installed to support the weight of the structure. Post-tensioned concrete is concrete that has tensioned cables in it to ensure that the building settles evenly.

2. Unusually High Water Tables At Foundation Or Footing Height

High water tables can be another problem that you may encounter when digging for a foundation. There are a couple options to solve this problem; one is to build above the water table to ensure there are no problems. If the foundation has to be dug out, extensive drainage systems, aggregates and impermeable waterproofing membranes can be used to divert any water away from the foundation, which can be a good solution if the high water table is only temporary.

3. Large Stones Or Solid Rock That Needs To Be Removed

Large stones and solid rock are one of the most common problems that you will find when doing a foundation excavation. There are several solutions that you can do to solve this problem, such as using the rock as part of a structural feature. You can also blast the rock out, but this can be costly and require permitting and supervision. Another option is to use a heavy jackhammer on a backhoe to remove the rock.  When digging a basement foundation through solid rock, you may need to use a variety of these solutions, especially with hard rocks like granite. Other rock materials like limestone may not be strong enough to support a structure.

These are some of the problems that you may encounter when doing excavations for a foundation. If you are building a home or doing renovations to a home, contact an excavation contractor, such as those found at Joe Frei Excavating, to get the help you need to find solution to some of these problems.