Take Control Of Your Household Maintenance

Simple Tips For Keeping Your Garage Door In Great Shape

A garage door can be extremely expensive if you need to replace the entire unit. There are simple things that you can do yourself to keep the garage door in the best possible shape as it ages over time. Here are some simple maintenance tips that will help to keep your door operating at maximum efficiency.

Lubricate The Rollers

If your rollers are very noisy then they might be worn and need lubrication. Use a penetrating oil and water-displacing spray that will help to keep the rollers lubricated. The spray will also help to repel water and oils that will wear down the rollers and cause them to wear down. Spraying the rollers once a month or every other month is advisable as preventative maintenance. Lubricated rollers will move much easier along the tracks and put less stress on the tracks of your garage door.

Tighten The Bolts & Hinges

The tracks will have a number of bolts and hinges located along the tracks that may become loose over time. A loose bolt that is left alone will continue to come loose and could cause a warp in the tracks. Take the time every couple of months to go along the tracks and tighten each of the bolts with a wrench. This will keep your tracks straight and help to prevent them from warping. Make sure when you tighten the bolts that you don't strip the head of the bolt, as it will be difficult to remove it if you ever need to replace the bolt.

Align The Sensors

The sensors on the garage door can easily get bumped or knock out of alignment, so it's important to check them every few months. Tie a piece of string across the door to each end of the sensor and then use a level to make sure that they are in straight alignment. If the level shows that one side is above the other, then adjust the sensors until everything is perfectly level. Afterwards, test the sensors by attempting to close or open the door and stick your hand in front of the sensor to make sure it is working properly.

The tips outlined above are meant to be simple maintenance tips, but if the door is not operating properly you should call in a professional garage door repair person from a company like Lake County Door Co. A professional will be able to make sure that your garage door opens and closes without problems.