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3 Reasons To Install French Doors In Your Home

As a home owner, you understand the many decisions that must be made when you choose to remodel your home. Among these decisions is the type of doors to install in your living space. While there are many types of doors available on the market today, few have the ability to provide the same benefits that french doors can.

Here are 3 reasons why you should install french doors in your home the next time you remodel.

1. French doors increase the amount of natural light flooding your home.

French doors consist of two doors with full length window panes. Unlike traditional doors, which have little or no glass surface space to let sunlight in, french doors can significantly increase the amount of sunlight your home receives.

Experts have linked sunlight exposure to a surprising number of physical benefits. Installing french doors could help you ease depression, kill bacteria present in your home, and even help your children grow taller by allowing the sun's rays to more effectively penetrate your home.

2. French doors can help decrease your utility costs.

More than 90% of America's 116 million homes were expected to experience higher heating costs in the 2013-2014 winter than the previous winter. If you are looking for ways to cut your utility costs, installing french doors could be the answer.

French doors provide you with the unique opportunity to close off areas of your home that aren't in use without obstructing the view of these rooms. By closing off unused areas you can avoid heating these areas, which will reduce your utility costs, The full length windows that are characteristic of french doors will help maintain an open and airy feel within your home, even when these doors are closed to help reduce heating costs.

3. French doors can help you save space in your home.

Allowing room for a door to open means that you must sacrifice some of the space within your home. If you want to maximize as much square footage as possible, french doors could be a viable option.

Rather than opting for traditional french doors, you might want to consider investing in pocket french doors. These types of doors slide into the wall on either side, allowing you to open the doors without hitting furniture or other items placed in their immediate vicinity.

Investing in french doors will not only improve the function and appearance of your living space, these doors can also help make your home feel more pleasant by letting in natural sunlight. Choose french doors for your next remodel in order to take advantage of the benefits these design features can provide.