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6 Signs That Your Sewer Needs Service

Because your sewer system is out of sight, it's generally out of mind as well until something goes terribly wrong and you're faced with a plumbing emergency. Following are six indications that it's time to call your local rooter service so that they can investigate possible issues before they turn into big problems.

Inconsistent Toilet Water Levels

On of the first signs of trouble in your sewer lines is fluctuating water levels in your toil bowl as well as in the tank. Keeping a sharp eye out for this sort of thing will help you catch problems early enough so that costly repairs may possibly be avoided.

An Increase in Pests

Leaking or broken sewer pipes create an environment that attracts insects and rodents, so be on the lookout for a sudden increase in these pests. One particularly telltale sign is a sudden abundance of flying insects such as black flies and gnats in your outdoor living space, especially if they are more than usually thick in the area over your septic tank.

Cracks in Your Home's Foundation

Foundation cracks are caused by excess moisture, and this can mean broken or leaky sewer plumbing pipes, particularly if you live in a region where precipitation levels are not high. Making a point of checking for foundation cracks on a regular basis can help identify the onset of sewer and plumbing problems.

Lush Vegetation Over Your Septic System

If the grass and other vegetation over your septic tank is greener and lusher than the rest of your yard, it's highly probable that you've got a leak or broken pipes in your septic system.  The increase in nitrogen and water provided by raw sewage will cause plants to thrive more than usual.

Basement Water Stains

Discolorations around your basement drains can be an indication that sewer pipes are leaking, so be sure to inspect this area often. Be sure to use a bright light when looking for signs of stains on your basement floor -- the lack of natural light caused by windows can cause significant shadows in basements that can easily be mistaken for stains and other discolorations.

Unexplained Damp Patches in Your Yard

Damp spots in your yard are usually an indication that underground plumbing or sewer pipes are broken or leaking. Making a point of inspecting your yard on a regular basis for signs of suspicious damp areas is recommended as a way of identifying septic system problems. Talk to a professional like Jubilee Plumbing Inc for more information.