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Tips For Having An Outdoor Spa In A Small Backyard

A backyard spa sounds like a luxury for millionaires with five acres of land. But spa solutions exist to suit a variety of financial budgets and can be tailored for even the smallest of yards. Here are a few tips for turning your small backyard into a relaxing, luxurious spa.

Inflatable Hot Tub

If you have a truly tiny yard, or only a tiled back patio instead of a yard, a inflatable hot tub might prove your best option. While not the most glamorous route, inflatable hot tubs still contain a variety of jets to create relaxing bubbles and temperature controls. The tub plugs into an outlet and auto-inflates, which makes it easy to store the hot tub when it won't be in use. Up to four adults can sit comfortably in one of the tubs, though this model won't offer the leg room or luxury seating of higher-end, permanent hot tub designs. A built-in filtration system and replaceable filters allow you to keep the water clean for all your home spa users. 

Custom Hot Tub

If you have a higher budget and plan to leave the hot tub in your backyard all year, contact a local spa services company for a consultation. A salesperson can come to your home to get an idea of the space you're working with and can accordingly suggest hot tub models that will suit your needs. Some services will also offer custom hot tubs at a higher cost, which can be designed to fit most areas. The extra cost will be well worth it if you get to enjoy an evening of relaxation just by stepping out your back door.

Discuss with the salesperson any particular needs you'd like to see met such as moveable jets or reclined seating. Note that not all options will be available for smaller hot tubs but your salesperson can steer you towards the tub that's closest to your ideal setup.

Spa Accessories

The hot tub is the centerpiece of a home spa but it can't stand alone. You should also create a relaxing spa and lounge environment around the tub. This can include reclined, cushioned deck chairs, a clay oven or a full-on brick fireplace, and a mixture of natural elements. These natural elements can include rock features, a waterfall, and greenery that's reminiscent of a forest. Most of these elements can be tailored to the size of your yard. For example, a narrow waterfall can flow straight down into the basin of a rock feature. Surrounding greenery can grow up rather than out to preserve walkways.

Speaking of walkways, you want to make sure the deck or patio flooring is made of a material that's comfortable for bare feet. Rough paver stones might cause your feet to feel raw once they leave the relaxing, warm waters of the hot tub and head towards the house. Contact a spa service for assistance.